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Getting Prepared for treatment to begin

We knew that we would be starting radiation and chemotherapy but every day is another something that needs to be done first.  Two mornings of xrays and a deep cleaning from the dentist.  Tomorrow a colonoscopy to make sure the vague bright spot in the colon area that appeared when the PET scan was read isn't something else to worry about.  In the meanwhile we're waiting for the blood work to be analyzed so that they can decide which drug to give him.  Everything points towards this being a monster of a process.  The prescription we got for zanax is sure coming in handy.  Monday (the day they start the chemo and radiation) can't come soon enough.  Let's get this thing going!


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I am so sorry to hear that this cancer has struck again. the good thing is it is very curable. The process is hard and frustrating, I call it " Hurry up and wait) Once the treatment gets started he will be on his way to survivorship. I hope that the colonoscopy shows nothing, one cancer is hard enough. just remember it is a curable cancer if caught. mine was stage 4 Tonsil cancer on both sides and I am very happy to say I am 5 years out from diagnosis Nov. 2ndLet us know what is happening we can help the two of you through this. I won't lie the treatment is awful but double. We will be waiting for news. Huge hugs coming your way.
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